Professor Matthew Cooper

Prof. Matt Cooper is Director of the Centre for Superbug Solutions and Group Leader of the Chemistry and Structural Biology Division at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB)at the University of Queensland (UQ). He completed his PhD in 1994 and then spent 13 years in the UK, first at the University of Cambridge, then 9 years in start-ups and biotechnology companies. Prof Cooper returned to Australia in 2009 as a NHMRC Australia Fellow, at UQ, where he is driving research and development of infectious and inflammatory disease diagnostics and therapeutics. He was founder and Managing Director of Cambridge Medical Innovations (part of Alere Inc.) and CSO and co-founder of Akubio, and co-founder of Defensin Therapeutics.  Prof Cooper has more than 180 scientific articles, 2 books, 22 patents and has helped launch multiple medical technology products on the market today. His current research aims at discovering new ways of detecting and treating bacterial infections, inflammatory disease and cancer and strives toward the design and development of novel antibiotics active against drug-resistant bacteria, known as superbugs.

Session 1 Chair: Antimicrobial resistance
Monday 3 April

Session 4 Chair: Antimicrobial drug discovery II
Tuesday 4 April

Session 10 Chair: Panel - top 3 priorities to guide AMR research
Wednesday 5 April

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