Professor John Rex

John is a physician and drug developer with ~30 years of development and policy experience focused on antimicrobial agents. His experience (figure) includes moving compounds from early preclinical development through all development phases in the context of (a) academic positions (NIH, Bethesda, MD; Univ. of Texas Medical School-Houston), (b) VP-level roles at a multinational pharmaceutical firm (AstraZeneca), (c) board-level roles in two biotechs (F2G Ltd, Adenium Biotech ApS, (d) a charitable foundation (Wellcome Trust), (e) a public-private partnership (CARB-X), and (f) an operating partner role with a venture capital group (Advent Life Sciences).


His activities have included advancing  novel regulatory paradigms for antibacterial agents,1 publications on novel reimbursement models for antibiotics,2,3 founding of the New Drugs For Bad Bugs (ND4BB) program of Europe’s Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), a 4-year term as Industry Representative on the FDA Anti-Infective Drugs Advisory Committee (AIDAC, 2007-2011), a current role as an Expert-in-Residence at Wellcome Trust (London, UK), and current voting membership on the Presidential Advisory Council on Combating Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria (PACCARB).

  1. Rex JH et al. Proposal for a comprehensive regulatory framework to address the unmet need for new antibacterial therapies. The Lancet Infectious Diseases 13 (3):269 - 275, 2013.
  2. Spellberg B, Sharma P, Rex JH. The critical impact of time discounting on economic incentives to overcome the antibiotic market failure. Nature Rev Drug Disc 11:168-70, 2012.
  3. Rex, J. H. and K. Outterson (2016). "Antibiotic Reimbursement in a Sales-Delinked Model: Context and a Benchmark-Based Global Approach." The Lancet Infectious Disease 16:500-5.

Keynote: Navigating the pipeline 
Tuesday 4 April 

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