Professor Subhash Vasudevan

Prior to joining the Duke-NUS Dr Vasudevan was responsible for building a research department at Novartis Institute for Tropical Diseases that has as its core mission to discover anti-Dengue drugs for therapeutic and possibly preventative use in Dengue patients. The Vasudevan lab at Duke-NUS will work in the following research areas:

  1. Therapeutics for emerging infectious diseases
  2. Protein-protein and protein-RNA interactions (characterising the ineteractome of flaviviruses using yeast-two hybrid technology as well as biochemically using immuneprecipitation and other proteomics techniques).
  3. Structure and function studies of multifunctional viral proteins in order to understand in precise detail the mechanism of action of processes catalysed by enzyme targets of disease causing viruses – this will ultimately help understand the mode of action of new drugs and also identify potential resistant mutants that could help to improve drug design.

Session 8: Vector control and vaccines
Wednesday 5 April
Chair: Professor Paul Young

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