Professor Man-Wah Tan

Prof Man-Wah Tan is currently the Director of the Infectious Diseases Department at Genentech in South San Francisco, California.  Prior to joining Genentech 2010, Prof Tan served on the faculty at the Genetics Department at Stanford University School of Medicine for over 10 years.  Prof Tan received his MPhil from the University of Cambridge and PhD from Harvard University.  Prior to moving to Stanford, he was a Harvard Junior Fellow at Harvard Medical School. At Genentech, he heads the groups responsible for the discovery and development novel therapeutics against hard-to-treat infectious agents of medical importance, with special emphasis on viral and bacterial pathogens.  He has published over 50 research articles and contributed to the discovery of 1 FDA-approved drug and 3 others that are currently in clinical development.

Session 5: Antimicrobial drug discovery II
Tuesday 4 April
Chair: Professor Matthew Cooper


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