Professor Vicky Avery

Vicky Avery is Professor of Drug Discovery at the Eskitis Institute for Drug Discovery, Griffith University; Head, Discovery Biology and Head, Griffith University CRC Cancer Therapeutics Drug Discovery Programme. 

Professor Avery obtained her PhD in 1995 (Flinders University, SA), and was awarded an Australian NHMRC Postdoctoral Fellowship which was undertaken at the University of Adelaide. Prof Avery gained significant industry experience whilst working for Active Biotech AB, Sweden (1998-2004) and as Head of Lead Discovery Biology for the AstraZeneca/Griffith University collaboration (2004 -2007).

Her laboratory undertakes both basic and applied research in drug discovery, primarily in the areas of cancer and neglected diseases (Malaria, Chagas, African sleeping sickness and Leishmania).  Her team develops innovative technological approaches for high throughput screening, Hit-to-Lead and lead optimization, with a focus on imaging.

Session 5 Chair: New drug targets
Tuesday 4 April

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