On behalf of the Scientific and Organising Committee, we would like to thank you for attending the Solutions for Drug-Resistant Infections 2017 conference. 

For decades, Asia Pacific countries have played a leading worldwide role in research in antimicrobial drug discovery, molecular diagnosis and infectious diseases.

SDRI 2017 is a multi-disciplinary scientific conference for the Asia Pacific region focused on Solutions for Drug-Resistant Infections. This inaugural conference theme is New Drugs for Drug-Resistant Infections. The conference took place at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre in Australia from 3 - 5 April, 2017.

The program provided a fantastic forum for researchers and industry representatives working in the space of microbiology, virology, parasitology, genomics, pharmacology and medicinal chemistry, to network and discuss new ways to solve the global challenge of drug-resistant infections. Our goal for SDRI 2017 was to lead a concerted discussion to set three priorities and guide research efforts towards global solutions for drug resistance research. 

We hope you enjoyed your time in Brisbane.


Professor Matthew Cooper
Co-Chair SDRI 2017
Director of the Centre for Superbug Solutions
Institute for Molecular Bioscience
The University of Queensland

Jian V2

Professor Jian Li
Co-Chair SDRI 2017
Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute
Monash University

The conference was organised by The University of Queensland’s Institute for Molecular Bioscience Centre for Superbug Solutions, where finding new therapeutics, diagnosis and monitoring of drug-resistant infections is one of our strategic priorities.

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